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omnova_flikCommercial law based on commitment to you and your business

BROAD, CUTTING-EDGE EXPERTISE – At Nova we offer you specialist advice in all the major fields of commercial law, with the very best expertise in areas such as franchising, property law, construction contract law, insolvency law, dispute settlement and public procurement procedures.

A LAW FIRM THAT OFFERS FIRST-CLASS SERVICE – At Nova we want to provide commercial law solutions of the highest quality, at the right price, and with commitment that goes beyond the everyday. We believe in establishing close, long-term lawyer-client relationships. This enables us to understand what is important to you and your business and offer advice that is specifically tailored to your particular situation.

The commercial benefit for you as our client is of paramount importance to us. We want you to feel that it is worth coming to Nova.

mats_willman_intervju“The commercial benefit for our clients is of paramount importance.”

Nova operates across Sweden, acting as trusted advisers to its clients. Nova is a boutique law firm and is at the forefront in the areas of franchising, construction contract law and property law, insolvency law, public procurement and dispute settlement.

Interview with Mats Willman, lawyer and Managing Partner at Nova.

“The firm’s specialist expertise and our staff’s availability for clients mean that Nova can do a top-quality job at the right time and at the right price,” says Mats Willman. “Our focus is always on the commercial benefit for our clients. It will be worth coming to Nova as we will create added value. This is reflected in different ways. For example, in the case of a dispute, we may advise the client against ‘taking everything there is’ as it may prevent a financially more advantageous outcome in the long term. As good as all business is local at Nova. Our clients’ international activities can be handled by offices in Nova’s international network.”

Why should people come to Nova instead of another commercial law firm?

“This is not always the case,” says Mats Willman. “But unlike many other firms our partners are involved in the case from start to finish, which is a sign of quality assurance and confidence for the client.”

“Legal advice does not only need to be correct, clear and provided quickly. It must also be business-like. A great deal of legal expertise can be involved. But what makes us stand out, in addition to the legal aspects, is that we are business professionals and work for the client’s benefit to always create added value. This might mean that we recommend a client to go to another firm if we consider this to be more cost-effective from the client’s point of view or if the matter concerns something outside the areas we deal with. In our experience, many other law firms overlook the business benefit to the client.”

Two thirds of Nova’s lawyers are partners

“The fact that we have a lot of partners is down to our business culture and our financial scheme. Nova’s scheme is extremely attractive to top-performing lawyers with extensive experience in their field as they appreciate the personal commitment and the flexibility of a small organisation. This applies with regard to both colleagues and clients.”

Open minds and open doors approach

“We put a great deal of time into ensuring that everyone is happy at work – both employees and partners,” says Mats Willman. “To be able to deliver what Nova stands for, we need to have hard-working staff who are happy and think that it’s fun to come to work.”

“Our clients are companies and organisations that are looking for top quality at the right price. In recent years, we have also taken on many companies that have deliberately taken their business away from the three or four largest law firms. Personal commitment is one of the main reasons. Our clients don’t want to have some faceless legal adviser. Our clients see their lawyer as a trusted adviser and sparring partner, a companion who knows their business,” adds Mats Willman.

Good causes we support

The fact that we take our responsibility seriously and are actively involved in making an impact on society with regard to both major and minor issues is a natural part of what we do at Nova. Nova’s commitment in Sweden currently includes us providing support to the City Mission and the Salvation Army. Outside Sweden we support the Nepal Education organisation and, in particular, a girl called Neema Maharjan.

Nepal Education


Nepal Education is a non-profit organisation set up in 2005 by Svante and Pi-Charlotte Strindberg. Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. As children often finish school after just five years, the rate of illiteracy in Nepal is very high. The organisation’s work involves giving girls in Nepal a good education, for example by paying their school fees and for their school uniforms and any courses between terms.

Nova contributes to the legal studies Neema has begun. The firm’s involvement is handled by partner Carl-Gustav Lönnborg. Nova’s commitment to Nepal Education has meant that Neema’s dream of getting to study law has now become a reality. Nepal Education supported Neema in her earlier schooling and she was accepted quite recently at a college in Nepal for a five-year course studying law. Neema’s aim is to become a lawyer and work for a fairer society. She wants to protect women’s rights and focus in particular on women living in vulnerable areas.

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Stockholm’s City Mission

Stockholm’s City Mission’s commission is, based on a Christian human perspective, to challenge and add to society’s efforts for vulnerable groups and individuals. Stockholm’s City Mission is a non-profit association and independent of the state, local councils and churches. They cooperate with local councils, county councils and other non-profit organisations.

The City Mission runs a variety of activities for children, teenagers and the elderly, as well as for the homeless and addicts. They also run school activities and social enterprises where the work is carried out by employed staff and volunteers. These activities are financed from donations from individual donors, companies, church parishes, funds and foundations, with contributions from the state, municipal councils and county councils, along with revenue from commercial activities.

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The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a Christian church renowned for its social commitment. A key part of their belief and actions focuses on caring for the whole of mankind. The Salvation Army runs groups and different social services throughout the country in areas that public social services cannot reach. They have chosen to work across a broad front and the activities they are engaged in differ widely as their operations are governed by the need for space.

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