Construction contract law


We have a number of lawyers at Nova who are among the market’s leading experts in construction contract law. The area covers issues relating to procurement, interpretation of tender documents, contracts, design and interpretation of contract documents, as well as issues concerning, for instance, modifications and additions, obstructions and disruptions, additional costs due to new conditions, as well as inspections and dispute settlement.

Nova has acted as a consultation body for drafting general contractual terms AB 04 and ABT 06 and has been involved in drafting the general terms AB-U and ABT-U. Nova has also drafted sector-specific agreements, for example for the painting, glass, facade, insulation and refrigeration sectors. Our construction contract group includes specialists in the general terms ABM 07 and the special issues relating to the building materials sector.

Nova also has extensive experience of the general terms governing delivery and assembly (NL and NLM) in the Nordic countries, as well as of the general terms for industrial installations in Sweden (ABA), i.e. the complex law surrounding the production and delivery of industrial installations.

Our construction contract law experts are regularly engaged as speakers and course leaders on training courses and at seminars on standard contracts in the construction sector.