EU law


European law covers European Union (EU) law and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (European Convention). EU law and the European Convention were incorporated into Swedish law in 1995 to coincide with Sweden’s accession to the EU.

One of the principles in EU law is that it takes precedence over national law. Swedish courts must therefore deliver judgements in line with EU law. This means that the decisions and verdicts of the EU court constitute guidelines for Swedish courts’ praxis. Expertise in the field of European law is becoming increasingly important as harmonisation between the legal systems of EU Member States continues to grow.

At Nova we have extensive experience of pursuing suits influenced by EU law. Our lawyers assist in all kinds of issues within EU and competition law. In addition to issues relating purely to competition law, other matters may also be involved when contracts are reviewed, from compliance to helping the client in the case of dawn raids.